For New Models

Here is an idea of how we usually work with models that are new to us…

We provide models mainly for television commercials in the Atlanta area, but we also provide models for print advertising, event hostesses, and also produce a “Girls of Dixie” calendar.

Typically, we will set up a photo shoot with you soon so that we get to meet you and also have some of our own portfolio photos to show clients. Then when we have a project, we work with the photographer and client to select the models that fit what they’re looking for; then we send the info about the project to the models, and they always have the liberty to accept the project or not.

We very rarely have models that we sign to ongoing contracts. We work more with models as independent contractors on a project-by-project basis. In this industry, more often than not, agencies that require models to sign contracts are looking after their own interests more than the models. This way, it is fair for all parties involved… and the models that have the best work ethics get more repeat assignments. :) We also do not take ANY commission out of the models’ pay for assignments; we are paid by the photographer/videographer on a project-by-project basis to select and schedule talent for them. We do all of our initial scheduling and communication online, but one of our photographers will always contact you prior to your shoot so that you have a phone number of the person assigned to the project.

The thing that is most exciting is that out of the new models that we selected for portfolio shoots in 2011, a total of 90% have already received calls to do television commercials! We are extremely selective in who we choose to work with but are the best around at getting quality projects for those that we agree to promote!

The only requirements that we have for the models that we choose to work with are that you are mature, professional, and always follow through with shoots once they are made. Unless you’re one of our models who is under 18, please do not have your mother or father or someone else contact us about your modeling; if you’re not allowed to make your own decisions and appointments, you should find one of the “modeling agencies” that does that kind of thing. The reason that we are able to guarantee such high percentages of our models get used in television and other projects is because we work hard for you but expect you to be mature enough to handle your personal business for yourself. We have the best track record in the business for helping new models get assignments, and that’s the way that we want to keep it!

If this sounds like you, fill out our Basic Model Profile and get started today!




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